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Watch Strap Review Part 30. - MolequinBelgium enjoys the most common suspects: beer, chocolate, laces, waffles and Manneken Pis. Nowadays the country seems to have a number of new addendums to that list. More precisely; additions from the watch world. Belgium could be the home of Belgian Watch Club, a group who share the romance and fervour for replica watches as much as they are doing for straps. Well, at least one of those. Michael, the name behind Molequin (one inch several), is just about the corner stones of BWC. I met him a small number of times before, way before I even got word of his strap brand but could not connect the dots, until the 2011 Basel World. He sent us a few straps to look at and show on Watch Strap Review and that is what exactly I'm wanting to do.MolequinAs you can study at their store, Molequin may be the child of three completely different guys from three countries who have a similar curiosity about, at least, one thing; beautiful leather watch straps. Their lineup isn't extensive nor does it have to be . Nonetheless they offer straps produced from various leathers from ostrich to calf, cordovan, buffalo or alligator. Michael graciously sent me 4 straps, 4 pretty different ones by material. A buffalo in 20mm watches , montblanc replica watches an alligator and in 20mm horse leather strap (Cavallo) in 18mm along with an 18mm Barenia calf. All the straps are a handful of shade of brown it just so happens, that we love brown leather straps but vintage replica watches look awesome with them. Why don't we glance at the straps one by one.BuffaloThe first strap we will keep an eye on is the Molequin Buffalo. You can pick between 5 different colors and a couple styles of stitching to the Buffalo strap. I received a 20mm Smoke Grey Buffalo with Classic Stitch. You can order it in 18-19-20mm for a very friendly cost of 9. I can say that this is the cheapest strap inside the lot even so the quality that Molequin produces is above your average strap makers'. The leather is smooth, the stitching is even and also the edges are painted. The buffalo leather has a sweet tumble leather pattern and little bit of suede-like feel. It is just a very, and that i mean very, nice strap in the lovely color. The leather is flexible and comfortable for the wrist yet still features a bit of stiffness. Pairs nicely with a vintage chronograph.CavalloCavallo (Italian for horse) leather enjoys its sturdiness. Living to the expectation, the Molequin Chestnut Cavallo is a perfect everyday strap. It's not too glamorous looking but gets the done week after week. You may choose between 2 colors and 4 sizes (18, 19, 20 and 22 mm) to pair up with any watch. Allow that be vintage or modern, the strap will most likely fit. Something I noticed would be that the color online is quite richer, more caramel when compared to reality. Molequin sells this for 05 and replica rolex again beautifully crafted strap with vintage stitching. The leather has this aged look, a manifestation of horse leather. While the buffalo is concerning 3.5-4mm thick that one is a touch thinner at 3mm exact. Feels great about the wrist which has a dress watch together with a larger sports model. fake panerai watch CalfFinally we entered the leather most straps are constructed of; calf. The name is Smooth Chocolate Brown and it is just a well fitting description. The strap has gorgeous deep brown color, very smooth surface and classic stitch. This one needs to be the thinnest and smoothest of the 4 straps. I wear it a small chronograph coupled with to check on my wrist some time to find out if the watch was there. It feels as though air for the wrist. The price for the strap is 20, you can purchase it in 18-19 or 20mm. Molequin offers 9 different colors for calf and I say I loved them all. From Navy Blue to Whiskey Tan and Hunter Green there are plenty of options. The classic stitch definitely makes the difference though. This is the all-around strap for just about any watch. Period.AlligatorNo strap review is complete without exotic leather. Regarding Molequin it is alligator. But boy exactly what a strap that one is. I'm a big fan of idea of "less is more" along with the Oak Alligator from Molequin could be the embodiment with this within the strap world. It appears nothing extra towards the human eye, just patterned leather on your Rolex (or Speedy with my case). But take particular notice therefore you immediately get how it is. The leather, as opposed to the case of countless other makes, is not shiny, and also the strap is thin (3mm) as well as the tapering is great. The matching brown vintage stitching is almost unrecognizable. Sizes alter from color to paint and costs usually are not cheap at 10. Don't forget though that this will not be your average strap though the one many consider "creme de la creme" in strap making, alligator.EpilogueIt is worth mentioning that Belgium is not exactly renowned for its tanneries and leather products. So Molequin uses leathers from various sources in France and Italy. They in concert with high quality fabrics, I'm sure you already consider this individuals got to this point in reading. Whatever strap took your liking I invite someone to look at the little description next to the photos. It says to you in which the exact leather was from, how many times as well as in the thing that was it tanned and so on. One more thing: so that you know the common size on the subject of straps, your search is over. Molequin provides a Customized service for several their straps. The kinds of straps I listed above aren't the only ones they've obviously. Take a look at their site to see their stock. You will find the correct one.Maybe you've see the last episode of Watch Strap Review? Simply click here this kind of!